Why are waves different on different coasts?

While at the beach today, my sister pointed out that the west coast has waves that are stacked, waves you can surf on. The east coast of the US has much more spread out waves that don’t well accommodate surfing. She asked why, and I told her I didn’t know. I guessed that maybe it had to do with the proximity of the tectonic plate boundary to the coast, but that was a complete guess. If anyone knows the answer or has another guess please share!


what fascinates you?

I am going to be a high school biology teacher soon. Hopefully. I am done with all of my college classes and I just have student teaching left. Throughout my college career in education I have come up with my methods of teaching. One thing I want to do is have a class blog. My students can look up information about biology that interests them and tell me about it. Ideally this will help everyone let me know what interests them while learning about biology at the same time.




I am starting this early so that I can try to figure out some of it before I tell my students to do it. Of course students will bring a whole different aspect to it,but at least this way I will have some better idea of how this will work. Let me know of you have any suggestions or fun facts to share!!